Nomad 883 Pro touch probe

Does the Nomad 883 Pro support the Carbide3D Touch Probe or the Triquetra P3 Auto Zero Touch Plate?

The pin is available on the controller, but installing either Probe would require drilling a hole and is not supported and would void the warranty.

Another concern is the Probe is physically large and would take up such a large volume of the working area it’s possibly problematic for actual use.

Know It has been done, but I think ‘support’ is probably more like ‘made to work’

@1st_Kiwi_Nomad and @patofoto I think are the clever minds with the most relevant experience if they are about and care to chime in.

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I went with a DIY option and used some support from C3D.

One way is to basically piggyback off the built in probe wiring.
Follow the wiring off the tool length probe to the board.
Create a splitter cable that plugs into the board and have the second (free) connection go to the probe of our choice. I went with an alligator clip and a bit of machined brass.

I use CNCjs and use one of @neilferreri brilliant macros. Makes for a nice and simple work origin setup.


There is absolutely a way. I have both ready to be used. I use mostly the Carbide3D one because I like the automatic tool offset workflow in Carbide Motion. Once I have polished my operations, I like to use a single .nc file for the whole job and have CM ask for tool changes. I’m not doing very complicated things so I like this workflow. Also, I love that when pressing PAUSE on a job in CM the spindle stops and the Z carriage retracts. It allows me to setup a job and manage it throughout a whole day pausing when I cannot be present in my shop. I also use CNCjs and I cannot figure out how to replicate this.
I have to look for my notes on how to install the probe in the Nomad. Cannot understand why this is not already implemented in the new Nomads and Shaepokos. Include a terminal for your probe Carbide3D!.


I used these connectors:

and here is how I wired it:

I made this pigtail to be able to connect the Triquetra via banana plugs.

Hope this helps. Soldering to the Nomad board was the most difficult for me. I am not experienced in soldering so I guess it was more of an stress thing. Easy for someone who is experienced.


Thanks for the detailed answers! It looks like a very feasible project.

Does using the Carbide3D probe take away from usable z-space when used with longer endmills due to its height?

If you probe with Carbide3D’s probe and Carbide Motion, you’ll lose height if you probed with a longer endmills. Probe with a shorter endmill and tool change to a larger one after setting your work offsets.

Edit: took into account carbide motion.

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