Nomad 883 Pro X-Axis Crashes after Firmware Upgrade

Hello all,

Just got my Nomad Pro, updated the firmware to 1.1 and tried to home it. It crashes to the right side of the machine even though the limit switch is there.

Is there something I should have done after updating the firmware? I would appreciate your help.

Open a log in Carbide Motion (Settings > Open Log) , then press “Send Config Data” and watch the log to make sure the settings are getting updated.
Try homing again (the last setting to be updated will be $132)

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Thanks, but should I change anything before I do that?

Also, is it damaging to the device now that the head crashed into the right side of the unit? :frowning:

Also, I was supposed to get a MeshCAM licence by email, but it never arrived…

They’re tough little machines — should be fine. If not, let us know at

Similarly, please send an e-mail in to and we’ll make suitable arrangements. In the meanwhile, per can d/l the software from: and use v6 as a time-limited demo until you get your code. If you wish to try the beta of v7, then it has a facility where one registers it to use with a Nomad and that’s all the licensing necessary.

Thank you for letting me know.

Any other advice about getting the 1.1 firmware to work? Any settings that I need to worry about so the head doesn’t crash?

Also, something you may be interested to know:

When I first got the machine (before I turned it on) I noticed that there was something in the lubricant near the X-axis rod. It was half of the tip of a screw! The little screw was broken in half, probably during manufacturing or shipping. I had a replacement screw so I changed it. I can send you a photo if you like. The corners of the PTFE sides are also a little squished (I guess also during shipping).

@Jorge’s instructions above should get you up and running.

Please send photos in to and we’ll sort things out there.