Nomad 8x8 - Limit Switch Question

Question: On a Nomad 883, if I define stock as being 8x8, should I be able to do a Outside Contour with an 1/8 tool without hitting the limit switch?

Not sure if it is the operator or the machine that needs adjusting.

On my Nomad 883 pro the stop on the right side of the bed is almost exactly the centre of the end mill so that would imply that you can’t outside profile that side on exactly 8x8. Suspect one would not have problems on the other three sides.

I haven’t watched it, but I usually do an 8x8 inside pocket for wasteboard leveling and then an 8x8 outside to same depth. Haven’t had any issues, but again I haven’t watched it to see what it does.
You can jog outside the area, if you rapid to bottom left corner you still have room for motion.

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