Nomad and tutorials

I just received my Nomad 883 Pro and of course it comes with a license for Meshcam.

I wanted to try their simple 3D tutorial here and on the when I go to carbide toopath wizard and select reshape and #101 ball cutter and hit OK, it runs for a small while then the program just closes (crashes). The last thing I see in the progress is “Offsetting Surface .” then it just closes.

I am running it on an 5k iMac (latest model) running High Sierra 10.13.6 with 40GB memory.

All my other software seems to be fine, I rarely if ever have a crash but this is repeatable and does it every time.

Please accept our apologies for this difficulty — which version of MeshCAM are you using?

If you’re using the v7 beta, try v6, and vice-versa, if using v6, try the v7 beta from:

It’s the 6, guess I’ll try 7. I don’t normally do beta but can’t hurt.

Downloaded 7 and it’s very different and I don’t see the wizard or anything in the tutorial, being new I am lost.

OK, kind of figured it out (not sure I am doing it right) and at least it did not crash this time. Now I guess I will cut it to see if it all worked.


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