Nomad base, under the table

Planning on making a threaded table base out of 7075 for the nomad (When I get it), but in M6 x1 holes and a sea of them. Trying to figure out what are the main holes I need and I can’t seem to figure out if there are 4 dowel pins or just 2. The PDF blueprint shows only 2x 5mm thru holes for the dowel pins, but in this picture I found online I can see the lower 2 dowel pins, but there seem to be 2 holes, with missing dowel pins up top. Can anyone clarify?

I’m not very good at reading blueprints, do I have all the correct holes matched?

Mine has only 2 pins for registration and then 6x M5 screws holding it in place.

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Nice! Thanks for the reply. I was thinking it was only 2 pins, but they machine 4 holes for easy of assembly… so when they pick up the part they don’t have to orient it. Doesn’t explain why there looks like red loctite residue but 2 pins make sense. Thanks!

I have the original bed modeled in Fusion is it’s of any help to you. Glad to share.

Anything helpful in the thread:

Thanks Patofoto! I actually just finished drawing the table in solidworks (fusion lags my computer if I’m doing that many holes) Setting up tool paths as we speak and will be ready for the Haas mini mill weds! Thanks again!

ya, I went through that thread a few times, no mention of how many dowel pins, or maybe I missed it. Either way, thanks!

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