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I finally got a chance to start using my Nomad and I’m running into some most likely rookie mistake(s). I’m trying to cut a 4"x5" 0.06" thick 6061 aluminum plate. The first 3-4 passes the machine makes are cutting air, so when it finishes cutting it has not cut through the stock. Otherwise the cut looks good once they start.

I’m using Carbide Motion/Create. The Carbide Create file was created from an svg file (also included if it matters):

When I jog the machine I adjust the Z axis slowly until a piece of paper under the bit won’t move without ripping. The bit extends about 3/4" from the collet. The stock is just double side taped to the plate. First few tries I doubled up on the stock worried about cutting through. I’ve tried adjusting the depth of stock in Carbide Create. In the linked version of the file the stock thickness is set to 0.064, but I’ve tried as high as 0.1, but it still never finishes.

That being said it does cut a bit deeper each time. So if that’s the setting I need to adjust how do I figure out the right number? My calibers say the stock is 0.06ish. Home position is set to touch the top of the stock. If I push it the Z axis further down during jogging then when the job starts it says it hits a limit switch and stops.

I’m using GRBL version 1.1f and latest versions of Carbide Create/Motion from the site. Build 4.0.414

I’ve tried various cutter settings, but this is what I used last time. There has been no problem with the actual cut once it starts.
dpc 0.01
stepover 0.056
feed 20
plunge 1
rpm 9200

dpc 0.01
stepover 0.056
feedrate 12
plunge 3
rpm 10000

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It sounds like you are homing off the top but your model homing point is the bottom. So your Nomad thinks the stock is up higher than it really is.

I don’t have Carbide Create or Motion in front of me now so I can’t quite think of what you need to click to fix it. Can you share your file?

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Thanks for answering. All the files should be in the Google drive link above. I’ll reread the docs and look for model homing options.

That was the issue. Thank you for the tip. I had selected Bottom in “Stock Thickness”. Because I was trying to set Top to 0 and Bottom to 0.064 but that’s not how that works.


Yep! Glad you figured it out. I did that myself the first few times.

Glad you found your issue. As an added comment most US aluminum comes in fractional Imperial. So likely your actual stock is what I would call “63”, which is actually 0.0625" or 1/16" thick. A similar material in the EU would be 6082 aluminum and it usually comes in Metric sizes, for the same function I would generally use 1.5mm (which is around 0.059"). Just some “gee whiz” info.


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My waste board thanks you for the tip. I did not know that.

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