Nomad hums and Motion says Busy

No problem yesterday but today on power up there is a high pitched hum (not loud) and Motion says Busy. Switching off, unplugging everything and starting over multiple times makes no difference.

Happens with both PC and Mac. Anything else to try?

Please write in to and we will do our best to puzzle through this with you.

Does it seem to be that serious?

My repertoire of things to try is so minuscule I thought it would be useful to ask here.

Might not be related.
But i have some weird issues with my nomad that gets fixed by discharging all the caps in the PSU and motherboard.

Unplug the PSU from the wall, but keep it plugged in to the nomad, and turn the nomad on. Breifly the steppers should hold, and lights come on.
Turn of and replug. Try again.
This solves my issue. Might help with yours.

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Does the hum happen as soon as you turn the machine on? Or does it happen when you connect Carbide Motion and then hit “Initialize” ?

I’d try moving all of the axis physically with the machine switched off to make sure everything is able to move. It is possible to position some motors in just the right point that they don’t move when power is applied - not sure this is possible with steppers though.

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Hum happens immediately on power on.

This Nomad has only been powered on in my shop for less than ten minutes so I really don’t know if the hum is normal.

As soon as I touch Connect in Motion the Busy sign shows up.

When it’s powered off and usb disconnected I can turn the screw on the x axis and move the z assembly buy that’s all that can be moved. Makes no difference in ability to connect.

Support asked for a video of nothing happening…

Thanks to Mike at support my Nomad is connecting again.

Apparently it wouldn’t connect because the door was not shut.
In my ignorance I followed the start up directions to the letter and “shut the door to connect” wasn’t included.

Slightly less ignorant now and glad to get back to learning how to make use of the machine.


Good to see you got it sorted out!

I have the Nomad 883 Pro which doesn’t have a door switch.

I recklessly connect to the machine and initialise it with no protection :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure the day before I was connecting etc. without closing the door so when it didn’t do that it was really confusing. I have a lot to learn.

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