Nomad parts wear

Just busy watching my Nomad chew through some aluminum this evening and started to wonder what parts might wear out first. I am guessing the spindle will be the first likely candidate. Probably followed by the spindle drive belt. Surely there are many who have drove their machines harder and longer than mine. Just wondering what Nomad owners have had to replace over the last few years, outside of defects upon arrival?

There was one customer who ran his machine so hard that he actually sourced the bearings and began replacing them himself (using an arbor press). Please don’t do that though — just let us know when the spindle begins to make noises and we’ll work that out.

So long as you keep things lubricated, the machine just runs — that we have a Shapeoko Maintenance Kit in the shop, but not a matching Nomad one might be a useful data point?

I worked my Nomads harder than anyone. The only thing I had to replace due to wear was a spindle. I had to replace a limit switch and a drive belt due to my own clumsy fingers. The machine cannot be blamed for that!


Yes. Yes, you did…

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I just realized… I’m the guy you’re talking about LOL

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You were definitely the person I had in mind! Thx!

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