Nomad: Plywood sea of holes

Hello everyone. So when my MDF wasteboard ended its life I decided to go with sea of holes one.
Since I was not feeling like paying $100 for it I tried to make a quick model of my own which just mounts on the stock Alu plate.
Here is a plywood sea of holes 10 by 10 6mm holes. Surprisingly 18mm plywood worked and it is very rigid :slight_smile:
It is bolt on replacement.
If anyone interested in the model or gcode for Nomad833 let me know.
All you need to create one is 3.175mm ball end mill and 200mmx200mm plywood.


I haven’t gone through the original waste board on mine yet, but I did pick up a sheet of MDF and just recreated the original design and made a few extra. If you don’t mind sharing the files for yours that would be most excellent though! The more holes the better!

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attached is an STL for my last version. I have lying around 5mm aluminum plate. Probably try this out on Alu this weekend but not sure if 5mm height will be enough to hold the bolts. Will see.
plywood-sea-of-holes.stl (503.6 KB)