Nomad pro won't Home (video included)

Oki doki, I’ve emailed the video and the photo of the boards, I will try this board swap this week. Its labelled so hopefully will go smoothly. X axis is the waste board right?

I’ve put the spare board in and now I’m getting limit switch hit error. I’ve manually moved the spindle away from all the limit switches but I’m still getting the same error.

Is that a faulty limit switch?

I can see the location of the y one but where are the others?

Are these the correct switches?

Is this the correct lubricant ?

Sorry lots of questions.



For me (with a Nomad 883 Pro not a Nomad 2) the “wasteboard” moves from the front of the machine to the back, and is therefore Y, not X.

X is supported by the two rods that hold the spindle and moves left to right. Z is the bit that goes up and down.

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The switches look the same as the ones on my Nomad 883 Pro.

That’s the correct lubricant, too. It’s expensive here in the UK, but the tube does last a long time.

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My understanding is that is the factory grease but maintenance should be done with SuperLube oil, not grease. The oil is also stupidly expensive to ship to the UK.


Possibly. I have the grease based on this post:

I figured it would be okay to keep using it. Maybe not but I have no troubles (so far :slight_smile: ). When warm, the grease is like oil (rationalization).

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Thanks guys just to clarify it is the nomad pro. I managed to wire the board correctly but it does appear to be the x (metal bar) issue.

It is possible that the switch is always on. You should be able to check the current status of the switches by connecting to the machine with Carbide Motion and then looking at the settings page. Then you can push all the switches (even the tool length probe/ nomad-bitsetter) and see a small bit of text like “probe” or “X” etc.

If you’ve got “X” there and the spindle is in the centre of the metal rods, you might have a bad switch. Or you’ve not connected it properly to the board. Or the wires are shorted… you get the idea :slight_smile:

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Thanks Gerry I will have ago tonight :+1:

Sorry for the poor quality photos was taken on my phone to be quick. Still tracking right but then not left to home. Pushed in x and z limit switches they have easy of movement. Should I get a more up to date version of carbide motion?.

Hey Tim!

Upgrading Carbide Motion might be an option. Your UI looks quite different to the current versions!

Remember also that if you’ve swapped the board, you might need to send the Nomad configuration to it using Carbide Motion. I’m not 100% sure about that though.

This Nomad still has Grbl 0.9 — upgrading Carbide Motion beyond 366/368 is not an option until the machine is reflashed to Grbl 1.1

Ahh yes… I didn’t spot that. Time to clean my glasses :slight_smile:

I’ve sent these pics over to carbide support… is reflashing a big job? Could I brick the machine doing it?

Depends on what version of CM board you have — there might be a need to cut a pin, cutting the wrong one could render the board useless.

I believe it is always possible to recover from a problem when reflashing — just might require the use of a second Arduino as a serial programmer to reload the bootloader — the folks at who handle reflashing will be able to guide you through this if you need to reflash.

Is it easy to change the limit switches, are they soldered?

I still think it might be a faulty limit switch?

Are there any instructions on how to change them?

They are soldered onto wiring extensions which connect at the controller using Molex KK connectors — contact us at and let us know the specifics and we’ll work out getting some to you.

Hi Will, I’ve sent a few emails over to carbide support, nick replied but I’m still struggling to diagnose the fault.



I’ve got my machine half working again. What I did was manually pushed the the spindle cradle to the far left and the z axis down further than I had but also moved the table.

It allowed me to jog but I must have x and y wires in the wrong slots as it’s back to front when i try to jog apart from z (up, down). So I will swap the wires on round on Saturday.

I am now getting an machine invalid parameters error but I assume that’s because it’s working back to front after I fitted the new card?

I mentioned this above in response to you suggesting the “wasteboard” is X. It is Y, not X.