Nomad Shuts Off

Why would my Nomad be shutting off mid job? It’s done this ever since I purchased, just shuts off part way through cutting. Sometimes it turns off when it’s not even in the middle of cutting, it’s raised above the material. I’m frustrated :frowning:

Are you saying, powering off? Or losing connection?

If powering off, double check your power connections, make sure you have lights on the controller board that are on.

If it’s stopping mid-job, you might want to invest in a usb cable with ferrite chokes…I’d keep the length no greater than 6 feet. This was a problem that I had. I couldn’t have a job run for more than 15 minutes or so without a disconnect.

Do you mean loses power, or loses connection?

If the former, contact

If the latter, as @UncommonDad noted, it’s EMI — try the better quality cable w/ ferrite beads as suggested, and any of the following which you believe might apply to your situation and which you are comfortable trying:

  • arrange the AC cable for the machine so that it doesn’t cross or be near the USB cable
  • if you’re using a laptop, ensure that it is plugged in, preferably to a grounded outlet using a 3 prong plug if possible
  • if you’re using a USB extension cable or unpowered USB hub, please directly connect the machine directly using a shorter than 6 foot USB cable — if your cable doesn’t have a toroid (metal cylinder often molded into the end of the cable) and you have a cable which has that feature, try it
  • try a different USB port, esp. if you have the option to switch from USB3 to USB2 — if using a laptop try a good-quality powered USB hub — some laptops undervolt the USB ports to save power.
  • if you have a surge protector or UPS, please connect the machine through it

If you still have difficulties, contact

I mean powering off. My Nomad completely shuts off. I have to unplug the power strip from the machine and the wall. I’ve tried with two separate wall outlets and also with a power strip. Still happens.
I’ll email them now. Thanks you both.

There was a recent report of faulty power supply switch or connector wiring with a Shapeoko? Unsure if the Nomad’s are powered similarly, but if so it might be worth a quick inspection.

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How do I make that inspection?

Look at the switch, unplug the power supply, flip it a few times — see if it moves smoothly.

Inspect the physical plug — mine had had some plastic flashing from the molding which I trimmed off (more for appearance than functionality) — and the connector, see if there’s anything odd or unusual compared to similar connectors on other devices.

I’m a bad bad boy, according to the advice about the USB cable and the power cables!!

I use a 10’ USB cord, and it’s run along the same channel as a bunch of stuff, including my computer, a radio, a fan, a heater, and a battery charger, as well as the power cord for the machine itself.

The machine works perfectly, with no glitches :slight_smile:
Now if I could say the same for meshcam, I would be a happy camper.