Nomad: Simple accessories

The other day I used the double sided tape for the first time while testing out acrylic. It was pain in the butt to remove afterwards. Even after getting off all the tape, it left behind the sticky residues that probably needs to be removed with goo gone. I have the sea of hole plate for my nomad so decided to make some clamps for it. Before I did though I did do a search for clamps on the forum but I wanted something simple and won’t take up a lot of space on the table.

The screws that go into the bed are M6-1.0, at Ace Hardware they have them in x20, x30 and x40 for lengths. They are a bit pricey. At least $3 a piece. I grabbed 4 of the x20 and 4 of the x30 just in case.

After looking at some steel flats, I decided the 3/16 x 3/4 was the thinnest the steel should be so that it wouldn’t flex when I tighten the bolt.

It cost less than $10 for 3 ft.

I then marked out 1.5 inches x 4 and within that 1.5 I marked 1 inch for length I want to drill in later for the bolt.

Clamped down on my Mill and used a 1/4 drill bit to drill 3 holes within that 1 inch area.

Next I switched to a 1/4 endmill and played connect the dots.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as the bolt can fit.

Next I used the horizontal bandsaw to cut the 4 pieces. If you don’t have a bandsaw, a hacksaw will do the job as well. I am used to working with aluminum and was afraid the steel would be hard to work with but it drill and cut very easily.

Followed it up with sanding around the corners and de-bur any sharp edges within the hole.

One of the other task that takes a bit of time for me is squaring up the stock. I decided to 3D print a guide that is 1/4 thick, 8 inches long with 1/2 inch hanging on both ends.

Fits like a glove on the Sea of holes :slight_smile:

Another tip is to add M6-1 x 20 to the furthest available holes. This will act as a backing for the guide. Next put the stock on and use the new clamps to hold the pieces. If the stock is higher, you can then of course add things under the clamp to make it level.

If you are afraid to drill into your bed like I am, just add something like this 3mm acrylic sheet underneath. As a reminder for new users. Because we are no longer using double sided tape to hold down the stock. Remember to add tabs your cuts.


Very nice! Nothing like making it yourself!

One can also add step blocks and clamps to the fixture zoo:

There is also the replacement bed that comes with devices similar to the ones you made:

C3D said they would eventually add goodies for their sea-of-holes plate… but they are very busy at the time of writing.


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