Nomad Spindle issue?

Update: The Carbide support folks reached out and helped me get everything fixed. The working theory is that something became loose during shipping. The fix was to re-align the spindle pulley’s and re-tighten the set screws. They’re also sending me a new spindle. Just wanted to give them a shout out for their help!!

Hi All,

Something has broke or come loose. The spindle was making an occasional clicking sound yesterday but I didn’t think much of it because everything seemed to be working fine. I’m almost positive the pulley belt on top of the Nomad spindle is supposed to be in contact with those two washers. Is this a problem? it doesn’t feel like anything in the spindle is vertically. What happened and how do I fix it?

Something looks like it may have moved, if mine is typical.

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Both your pulleys appear to be higher than ours. Probably loosened and moved up?


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yeah, I think you’re right. Something’s definitely up. I should also add that the spindle was running a bit hot then it started either stalling or having fits at like 1200 rpm with no load.

Looking closer it seems certain:

My guess is you need to loosen the motor to relieve belt tension, then loosen both pulleys and move them down into position, then tighten everything back up in reverse order.

Not sure if the dust in your photo is from the upper pulley riding against the motor cap screws?


Yeah, that seems like what has to be done. Do you know how tight the smaller pulley is meant be to the washers?

I think the bigger question is how they got that way in the first place…

Dunno for sure, mine appears to be snug against it. 5 thou shim stock won’t slide between them. I’d drop a note to Carbide support, they can probably troubleshoot it with you over email.


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