Nomad spindle major failure! HELP!

So my Nomad pro has a major problem all of a sudden. This morning the spindle started to stall/crash just before starting a job. It did it a few times and then started to work normally on a couple of jobs… But now it is doing it every time and I cannot get anything to work. Link to video of what is doing:

It revs up to cutting speed…and I can pause the job just before it starts to run…spindle spins fine…but then after a few moments suddenly stops and sounds like the motor tries to continue going…not a good sound.

HELP! I’ve sent a message to support…but it’s the weekend and prob won’t hear back. Anyone have any idea what to do?


Doesn’t seem like a bad bearing.
Spindle spinning fine, then locking up all the sudden, but it could be.
I would remove spindle belt and do a dry run to see if motor does this without it.
If not, then you know it’s in your spindle, and probably needs rebuilt, or replaced.
May also be a loose wire to the stepper motor, causing it to lose connection as it moves down to a certain point.
I think I’ve seen that as an issue on these. I Have the Shapeoko.
At least if you take it apart, you might see and be able to fix.
Maybe a pulley slid on a shaft, and rubs?

Since the spindle spins so freely I’m leaning toward a bad spindle motor/wire?
I see it’s a brush-less dc motor and I’m not sure how they behave.

Jorge messaged me and said it could possibly be a bad spindle driver…hopefully I’ll be back up and running soon…love my Nomad!


My apologies. I saw your message and assigned it, but thought it would be lame to just say that it was assigned and would be looked at on Monday. Obviously I should re-think this.

No worries! I’ve always been blown away by the support you guys offer. Thank you!