Nomad: Threaded Table Hole Spacing

Does anyone have handy the exact spacing of the holes in the Nomad Threaded Table. I have one on order and would like to get some stock ready based on the hole spacing before the table itself arrives.

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I received the table today. Everything is spaced at 1.000". This being said, there is an outer row of holes that are spaced at 1" from one another but are offset by .500" from the inner holes.

The biggest problem that I have now, the machine screws that were sent with it are too long and go into the Nomad’s base below the bottom table and hold the entire assembly in-place… phone-call happening right… now.

Fortunately new machine screws of the proper length (18mm, not 20mm) are being sent to me. Unfortunately I was told they would be overnighted three days ago and I JUST received a shipment notification yesterday… says they may be here on the 15th. Very disappointing customer service and followthrough!

I got mine a while back but hadn’t really taken it out or opened it till the other day. They didn’t send any screws with mine! After emailing them, they got back to me with in 30 mins and mailed out that same day. I’ve had nothing but great experience with their customer service thus far. That being said I do feel like the order handling / shipping department has a few bugs to work out.

  1. I received the nomad and didn’t get charged till a day or so after, then a week after that I got the email saying it was on its way. Had to contact service for meshcam serial.
  2. The screws as mentioned above.
  3. Received a rogue center finder instead of the edge finder.

All were corrected swiftly but just a lot of quirky stuff happening…

Yes, they did end up taking care of it, though FedEx screwed up this time and did not deliver a saturday delivery package… can’t win for losing sometimes. I definitely understand though that I slipped through the cracks while they were rushing to get the correctly sized machine screws out to everyone.