Nomad USB lighting

So its no @TonyDangerCoiro make your own PCB layout lighting solution, but this is what I put in today. A flexible USB led light wand plugs into a USB extension mounted in the upper corner. Following my ‘make everything reversible’ approach it mounts using the opposite side of the threaded hole for the side panel the upright. The USB port turns on and off with the control PC and I suppose could be used as a camera or power port for something else.

image image image


Very neat and tidy solution.

Is that some sort of heatsink around the spindle motor?

And… I like the potential effectiveness of your gravity-based chip removal system, but I can’t seem to get my Nomad to run properly on its side :slight_smile:


Just a tiny suggestion for those times you are using the Nomad and not using the USB port.


Absolutely - thats why the lanyard ring built into the bottom - for retaining a plug.

5 small heat sinks I happened to have around stuck to motor with thermally conductive adhesive. When under heavy load for long periods it has been noticed the motor gets quite warm and several users have added heat sinking to keep the temps down. Since I had some heatsinks thought I would do the same.

Sorry about the photos - apparently my phone and this forum live 90 degrees out of sync.

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Ha! This looks good @PhilG and was definitely less work than my approach!

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