Nomad: USB pendant?

Does anyone have experience using a USB pendant (like the ones form VistaCNC) with the Nomad? I feel like this would make jogging/zeroing/edge-finding easier, but I am not sure it would be compatible. Any experience or thoughts would be appreciated.

Not sure if this might help you, but I have a Shapeoko 3 and am using an XBox 360 controller and XPadder (a key mapping program) to jog.

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I also use an xbox 360 usb controller and xpadder on my Nomad and it works well. Would be better if there were keyboard shortcuts to map for start, pause, stop and zero but it’s still better than reaching over to a keyboard that isn’t right next to the machine.

Do you have instructions how to set the Nomad or SO3 up to use a hand controller? Thx.

Chilipeppr has explicit support for one.

There’s been a bit of further discussion. — I’ve just gotten a Contour Design Shuttle Express and hope to be looking into how to use it w/ bCNC and maybe Carbide Motion.

Thanks for the link . Appreciated.

Asked on the bCNC Github area, but minimal interest on the part of the developer, so will need to dig into the code myself.

I’d love to see full support for this in Carbide Motion though.

My dream is to be able to use a jog pendant with CM

On my Mach3-controlled milling machine and lathe I use

with variable-speed continuous jogging on the ring, and minimum discrete steps (.0001" on my equipment) on the center spinner knob. I don’t bother with changing the discrete steps since I can get so close with the continuous jogging, set very slow at the low end varying to maximum jog speed at the high end.

For me the keyboard/screen button jogging on CM is like going back to the DOS CNCPro days…


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+1 for the device @Randy points out

That’s a rebranded device commonly used for video editing. I’ve got one (for video editing). The ring makes skipping around video a dream! For CNC it would be most excellent.


From a recent post on the other forum:

Those are (should be?) $59.95 direct from the manufacturer:

also $59.95 from that same vendor on a different listing on Amazon:


Good point, @WillAdams. I’m not at home now, but I’m pretty sure my lathe’s pendant is a non-branded ShuttleXpress. It is a good bit cheaper than the Tormach-branded version but doesn’t have the nice silkscreened X Y Z etc. graphics.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch the jog rate? I currently use a Bluetooth keyboard with my Mac laptop to move the spindle, which works great, except I have to go back to the computer to change rates, which is annoying.

If there is not such a shortcut, I hereby request that as a feature!