Nomad used for prototype class 8 truck parts :)

Well our truck is now public information, so I can let more people in. I used my Nomad to build the camera mounts for the first version of the mirror replacements that we used on our Super Truck. The final version you see here is better because we were able to produce something so small and accurate quickly for testing.

Guess you know where I work now.


@FlatBaller. Very impressed!. Very cool project to be involved in. My mind is always thinking of how I can improve on stuff I already have and my Nomad has been an enabling tool. Thanks for sharing.

Both very cool, and inspiring!

Yeah, the mirror work was a bonus project for me. I was actually responsible for the look ahead energy control system concept that gave us an additional 7% fuel economy improvement.


That’s really cool. Being sort of a trucking fan I’ve seen that truck a couple of times and can’t believe that such a big project would use a Nomad.