Nomad vs. Shapeoko Comparison Test - what do you want to see?

People have expressed interest in seeing a Nomad vs. Shapeoko3 apples to apples comparison test. I own a Nomad883 Pro and a Shapeoko3 XXL and am willing to do some testing but rather than me deciding what to test, why don’t you tell me what you would like to see. If there are a couple tests that have a consensus I’ll run them and post the results.

Just to set the stage, the following are some of the major differences between the two machines…

Nomad listed first, SO3 XXL with the Dewalt DWP611 router) listed second…
Spindle power: 0.07 hp, about 1 hp
Spindle control: Closed loop feedback but not very responsive to load, Very responsive and stable.
Cut volume: 8x8x3, 33x33x3+
Accuracy: This is hard to nail down but approximately +/-0.001-0.003", +/-0.005-0.010" (both need more testing to have a better idea)
Setup: Setup from the factory (helps with accuracy), kit. It takes time to get it square and is difficult.
Drive type (xyz): lead screw for all, belt for all
Spindle speed range: 2000-10000 rpm, 17000-27000 rpm
Enclosed: Yes, No
Automatic tool calibration: Yes, No
Homing limit switches: Yes, Yes (although Carbide Motion makes it very painfully slow to home the SO3XXL machine so I’m not currently using homing on mine)
Stiffness: Subjective… Nomad is much stiffer than the SO3, especially the Z carriage assembly. I don’t know how much difference this makes. It probably affects finishes and accuracy of harder materials, possibly more.

Post any tests you would like to see. I’ll run them if there’s a consensus on one or two.

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Make Cut Volume for the Shapeoko start w/ a stock unit at 16+ x 16+ x 3+?

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Small text test for engraving. 1/8 inch high text using .031 ball end mill in aluminum plate. Would be interesting to see the difference in accuracy between the lead screws of the Nomad versus the Shapeoko belts. Runout of the Dewalt versus the Nomad’s spindle also a factor. I have the Nomad Pro and love it and have been consider getting the Shapeoco for larger jobs ( already have the Dewalt 611).

Perhaps cut two pairs of the locking register calipers which I made (modeled on those in the Studley tool cabinet):

There’s a slight disconnect along the outer curves on the pair I’ve done, which I’ve always wondered what caused.

Thanks for doing this!

I’d love to be able to visualise the difference between 0.003" and 0.010" and what that actually means in terms of fine detail from a cnc machine.

I’d love to see a comparison of the smallest text possible in whatever material gets the best results.

@bn86… I plan on doing this. I have a microscope that will take pictures to show the difference in detail. This test is definitely on the list. Thanks for suggesting it. You are right, its not intuitive to understand the difference between 0.003 and 0.010" if you don’t work with it everyday.

Thanks for the suggestion!