Nomad works on its side?

Hey all,
Just wondering if anyone has tried using the Nomad on its side, and if there are any reasons it shouldn’t work. I’m thinking way outside the box here about keeping the work piece clear during milling and thinking that maybe having a tilt table could be helpful–flat for blank placement, then tilt 90 degrees so that chips fall away (maybe with compressed air helping), then just vacuum what falls/is blown off. Strange and off-the-wall, I know, but… anyone try anything like this?

Interesting idea.

I’ve not tried, but I would not expect the motion to be repeatable in the X direction that way. As it was designed to work against only the inertia of the z-axis/spindle carriage, not the weight as well, under rapid acceleration or moderate cutting forces, I would expect a trend in lost or gained steps to whichever side is down.

I would also expect that there could be other issues, such as with rigidity and vibration, depending on how the unit was mounted, and due to the additional side load on the vertical elements.

If you try and it works out, and if the C3D crew see’s it as viable, I might try it.

I don’t think you’re likely to hurt anything, worth a shot!

I can think of many reasons why you should do this. Even if appears to work, you’ll be creating stresses on the machine that it was not designed for. Problems and/or unusual and accelerated wear will occur. In fact, I would surprised if it works at all. The gantry would be moving entirely against the stepper… it wasn’t designed to move that much mass.

Don’t do that! :grin:

The gantry and rails are all designed to balance the forces involved in the standard, upright configuration. Don’t run the machine that way and you’re asking for troubles.


NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use compressed air to clean and mill or CNC machine! You’ll get fine particles into the bearings and motors. Always brush up first, then vacuum.

It’s OK to have an air jet in use while machining - particularly when it is combined with Minimum Lubrication Quantity (MLQ) - mist cooling/lubricating. The liquid keeps things “down”.

Even so, when using an air jet, a dust head is HIGHLY recommend to ensure things don’t get into sensitive parts. ODERWISE IST EASY TO SCHNAPPEN DER SPRINGENWERK, BLOWENFUSEN UND POPPENCORKEN MIT SPITZENSPARKEN.


Terrific Mark, I googled it …

of course YMMV.

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Terrific Mark, I googled it …

I couldn’t resist quoting from it as it seemed so appropriate. :joy:

Here is an article about what’s known about the text.

I happen to have the full text on the front of my CNC machine enclosure!


One more, though appropriate, not as good:

I’ll put this one on my table saw.

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Couldn’t resist:

(Here’s the PDF)
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I’ve been waiting for it Mike, saw it before from another post or a picture, Maybe that’s why young people don’t shake hands anymore.

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