Nomad3 Set Zero

Hi Folks:

Wondering if anyone has figured a way to “permanently” set the zero for a Nomad3? Optimally, I’d like to reference the axes to the center hole in my 8x8" aluminum jig plate. Each time I boot, I have to manually jog the carriages and get things aligned. Any tricks to “saving” this setting as a default zero on the machine, so it’s there after the next power cycle?

I realize that things can get bumped, and it’s best to rezero just before each use, but my short experience has shown the carraiges to be very close each time I restart.

Likewise, it would be almost as good if I could simply drive the carriages to a specified location by typing in coordinates. Then I could send it there, and zero within a few seconds. But as it is, I have to bump the carriage with fast and incremental trams to put it where I want. And that’s slow.

Any tips or shortcuts out there?

The zero should be persistent:

  • set it
  • power down
  • power up again and connect
  • go to zero using the current XY button in the Rapid Position Pane and choosing 6mm above Z should take one back to the previously set origin w/in the limits of the micro-positioning of the stepper motors and the sensing of the homing switches

If that doesn’t work contact

What I usually do is define jigs and fixtures in terms of the rapid position points.

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OK - thanks. I suppose that worked - I guess I’m misunderstanding a few things. I thought the “C” button in the Rapid Position menu would take me there. If I follow your instructions, with a “Rapid to Current XY” then it seems to work, even after a power cycle. “C” after that takes me a few mm off - maybe to the X/Y center that’s estimated from limit switches?

So, the functionality is there, but it wasn’t obvious to me. Maybe edit some button labels, so that it’s understood this setting will be “saved” as the machine zero?

Overall, I’m really impressed with the quality of cuts on this guy. If the button interface can evolve into something a little more intuitive, that will help the newbies like me.

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