Nomad883, vibration, and YOU

I have noticed, in my months of running my nomad, if I have my tool out too far, it causes a vibration in the machine that causes a disconnection.

It seems like a safety feature to me. But as I read through the forums, many people are having disconnect issues, and I think “check the tool length” should be part of the troubleshooting process.

I find if I have my 1/8 endmill sticking out of the collet more then half an inch, it causes a disconnect.

Just a random thought. Who knows, it could help someone!

~James (Lenkdrache)


Yes, I have checked all electrical connections in the machine, as well as inspected the circuit board with a magnifying glass. All connections are solid.

I’m not sure what the problem would be, since you’ve inspected the connections, but I routinely run my 1/8" bits with .75" - 1" stick out, with no such issues. I’m on a Nomad classic. And come to think of it, the C3D 1/8" bits have a flute length of .75", I think, so they should be able to stick out by at least that much without issue. Might be worth an email to support, @Jorge might have some ideas.

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At this point, I’m trying to think of everything. I just wonder if my computer is dying… I will switch the machine to this laptop, and see if it gets disconnected.

Ok, so this might sound silly… but I did not have a disconnect after I simply unplugged everything, and plugged it back in. I think the humidity around here caused my issue.

Today, I will be doing the same process, but this time I will be adding anti-corrosion gel to the connections:

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