Noob Carbide Create question.... how can I just cut a line a specific distance from an edge?

My first real project is going to be building some drawers under my enclosure to put all the new bits, clamps, and everything else for my Shapeoko.

I’m trying to do the Quarter-Quarter-Quarter drawer system.

I figured out how to do the alignment by making a box .25 (inches) in width, aligning that to my stock edge, then making a second box at .25 width for my cut path and aligning that to the inner edge of my first box. That gives me a box for a cut path exactly .25 in from the stock edge, and the width of the cut that I want.

I’d like to just cut this with the #201, .25 bit because it would do it in one pass. But If I try to set that up in Carbide Create as a Pocket or Inside cut job, it says “Empty Toolpath.”

I’m sure this is because it’s looking to create a looped cutting path in an area that is the exact same width of the bit, and that makes the math fail.

It works if I change the bit type to #102 .125 bit, but then it says it’s going to take 23 minutes just to cut out the insert holes for one drawer side.

Is there a way to tell Carbide Create to come in .25 inches from a given edge, and then just cut a .25 inch line?

Here’s a screen shot of what I’m trying to do:

It’s basically cut the grooves for the quarter system, cut a similar insert for a 1/4 inch bottom panel, and then cut out the drawer side.

in the dialog box where you select pocket vs inside vs outside, there is also a “no offset” option that will just do exactly the line you draw as is, if you want total control that is what you want to do.
(but this will be the CENTER of your tool, so a 0.25" tool, you likely want your line to the middle of what in your diagrams is what you want the tool zone to be)

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Yeah, I looked at that but then it would cut the exact square, which ends up being a cut .5 wide since the square is .25 in width.

Maybe if I compress the square down to a .001 width? Let me try that and see if I can tell it to cut that at no offset…

don’t use a square for this, use individual lines for exactly where you want the tool to move

a square is 4 lines, if you just want 1 movement, that’s 3 too many

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Hope I have it figured out. Squares for measurement/alignment (which are not cut, just used for alignment and spacing), but polyline tool for creating the tool paths.

I think this will work… will update later today.

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