Normad PRO type grease on scren rod

I have Normad PRO, I know for lubrycate on lineare bearing whit Super Lube Synthetic Oil with PTFE.
But I can not find information to grease the screwed rod.

So, before to buy, I have two choices of products. what is the best for my Nomad ?.

Super-Lube-92003-Silicone-Lubricating Grease

Is it necessary to remove the old grease before putting in the new grease ?


Leadscrews same as the linears:

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We have a very brief bit on this on the docs pages:

We use the grease form of that oil to pack the system initially, but the oil is thin enough to get in through the seals when there is a need for additional lubrication. It’s my understanding that dditional grease should not be needed, just add oil as necessary.

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