Not A Good Morning

Welp! I’m at it again…messing up that is.

So, just bought a better 14 gallon 6hp vac, got it setup up to the Sweepy, started a nice 2 hour sign, plywood too, just to really get some chips flying. Sent my code, life was good…

{queue dramatic music}

All of a sudden…
Geeeeewwwwww! Power Goes Out, Everything is dead. I should have foreseen it, but, again…Totally focused on just trying to accomplish cutting something (finally to completion besides a little 3 x 6 square with my wife’s name that even she’s not impressed with) the Shop Vac was pulling too much, coupled with my box fan, laptop, router, the shapeoko itself and a few led lights, I’m assuming thats what killed everything.

So…the laptop I’m using is old as crap. Has Win 7 on it and I’m just blessed I even got CC & CM to even “WORK” but n e way…It doesn’t really “hold” a charge anymore, HAS to be plugged up, so when that power went out, laptop did too. So I’m quite sure my project is totally screwed, but I figured I’d atleast get on here and confirm it from the Pros?

There’s nothing I can do to resurrect this is there? :sob: :cry: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :sleepy: :sneezing_face: :scream: YEP, I literally just went through and put “any” smiley that had a damn tear on it (whether laughing or crying) just…TEARS dammit! TEARS lol


The good news is that unless you reset it since then, the machine still knows where the zero is.
Then it all depends on what your design looks like: if it has different parts that are cut in sequence,you could try and regenerate a toolpath where you deselected the “already cut” features. More often than not this is not possible though, and then if you really have to salvage that work, one option is to

  1. use a G-code preview tool to figure around which line the program stopped. I like this one for that usecase, because it will show you where the tool is for any given line of G-code in the file
  2. then edit the G-code file manually to remove the “already done” G-code up to that line, but preserving the G-code prologue. Not very difficult, but a bit awkward to do if G-code still looks like chinese to you.
  3. run that edited file.

For a 2 hour cut in plywood, I would just restart from scratch though :slight_smile:


The Angel Me on one shoulder: “Thanks Julien, you’re right, my project was in so many pieces, I wouldn’t know “where” to start.”

The Devil Me on the other shoulder: “But I’m running out of scrap plywood dammit!”

Hey thanks for the reply man, yeah, I got things lined up on my electrical now, so before that little mishaps, I think it was on it way to really being a nice sign and working out for me. As I said, my dust collection was even working too. I’m gonna just start from scratch. Hopefully this helps some other newb. if you don’t have an actual shop with 220, and if it’s possible, put large drawing electrical devices on another outlet or different circut from what your router and shapeoko are running on. May save you some time and a little heart ache in the end.


It’s called “Growing Pains”.
Occasionally save a copy of your project with changes somewhere you can readily find it. (desktop folder)
If you sent directly to CM without a save, I don’t know if you can get back to it.


Perfect choice of words, @MindlessCorpse.
I don’t mind embarassing myself so I will dig through my old pictures to try and find the one I took of the HUGE stack of miscuts I made over the first 6-8 months with my machine. I hope I can find it because it was hilariously big. I’m talking a stack of ~30+ solid boards/pine rounds/sections of plywood/etc (and that is after I went through and salvaged a bunch by planing them down). It should do a good job at reinforcing the fact that EVERYONE goes through the growing pains of setting up a shop and dialing in work flow practices and such.


I will sometimes start over but put Carbide Motion on run at 200% until it catches up where it left off…its basically air cutting. If you were an hour in, they would mean like 30min to catch up.

That aside, I would call it a win that there was nothing wrong with your file and setup (assuming it was cutting well) and just an external factor which is not to hard to resolve!

Keep at it!


Yeah, I’m an avid saver (coming from the Adobe photoshop & illustrator word) so I had the saved work, I just didn’t think I’d be able to salvage it, so I scraped it. Yet another lesson learned. I’ll get there.

I think it’s fitting that finally, my first completed project be a Flag I designed since I’m a Vet.
I think I’ll create another one and paint it my Minnesota Vikings colors lol

No! Actually, does anyone know of a post or simply know the steps to add a Corebox bit? where would that go? Ball Mills I guess?


Count your blessings. Power went out at my place yesterday too. Except mine was because a bolt of lightning hit. Took out 2 computers, cablemodem, router, switches and God knows what else.


Sweet Christmas! Blessings Counted on a Daily!
Hope you get back up & running man. Goodness.

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Firstly - as the unofficial C3D “it’s fine to fail group leader” the first thing i would say is that i see no anger here, and that is good, because as we all know "anger leads to hate, hate leads to wrong Feeds and Speeds and wrong feeds and speeds leads to end mill abuse. #Endmillshavefeelingtoo

Second - and i mean this with the upmost respect, go find your wife and then say listen lady you know nothing, and to prove it to you i am now going to buy a Kern Micro 5 axis with robot pallet loader, or say i didnt complain about that crap you served on the table last night…

(now for the real response, i made my wife a Wonder Woman sign, was it the best, NO! Could i have done better YES! did i learn allot from it YES, but most importantly she loved it because you cant buy this anywhere else, also remember there is a 1-2-1 relationship between gift to wife vs new parts for the SO3, my example wife got Wonder Woman Sign i get suck it dust boot!, so pro C3D Tip WWSFTW or Wonder Woman Sign For The Win!

Now i think you are if you don’t mind me saying, in the same position as 3/4 of us have been, new bit of kit sitting in our workshops, and saying to us “Well do something” and we are like, Jog left Jog Right :slight_smile:

So i would suggest focus on small project to begin with, this was my issue, when i first started, 2nd cut and i was trying to do jobs over 2 hours and it all went to CRAP, because i didn’t “get it” by that i mean tool change , offsets, Pause Feedrate etc.

I then fell into despondency because i could not get this machine to make my thing!!, I was told by many members on here, not do not run such big jobs, rather build up to it, and i would suggest the same.

I would recommend the following, and i know this is like Pen + Paper no one has time for that!

But as armature machinists, we need to be methodical, we need to focus, and most importantly we need that secret fist pump when this all goes well!

SO i would write down a small list something similar to

1 - check machine (yes) you have done this but allot of the issues if not upper 60% are to do with Squareness, loose bolt here, screw there etc. sooo square machine, check everything there are loads of good info here including Will’s world famous checklist.

2 - This then leads into the “Circle, Square triangle cut” this gives you so much feedback on the machine and how well you put it together.

3 - All being good there, move onto small stretch goals sub 3x3 inch cuts.
3.1 contour
3.2 Pocket
3.3 tool change
3.x xxx

The goal here is to really understand them, not just X done move on, as in i know that if i change x, y will happen then run the job to prove it.

4 - Start to increase job complexity by doing variations on the above, like intentionally switching machine off and figuring out how to recover etc (as per your current post that i am replying too)

5 - Achieve God Like @Vince.Fab status, but i am sure he will not mind attesting, that he did not unbox SO3, get some 6016 aluminium and then first cut make a manifold for his cars (though saying that annoyingly he probable did :slight_smile: LOL justt kidding )

My point to this reply is to try and help you focused on this equation

Foundation + knowledge + inspiration = SO3 & @circsaw partnership.

So remember this soon to be famous saying from me "i Know i can make anything, my machine knows it too, i am only limited by M.E. (My Experience) ) - Jon

Ease into it i / others are here to help! keep smiling!



This was A MAY ZING! & Hilarious all in one. Awesome stuff @Sherpa, Awesome. I appreciate you for this. “I know I Can Make Anything, My Machine Know It Too, I Am Only Limited by M.E.”

I’m ready now buddy, I’m ready!


That stinks, sorry to hear. Happened to me about 5 years ago, right before we closed on our house. Had to fix the AC and garage door opener (in addition to network and TV gear). Fried the starter motor, ignition, and computer in the car and it still has issues to this day.


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