Not initializing correctly

For some reason, when initializing my Y axis will move forward instead of back. And the X axis will move to the left instead of right.

After it finished moving, i get prompted to change the tool. After resume, usually the Z axis will go down on the bit setter. However, the Z axis didnt move, nor it was above the bit setter. Then I will get a GRBL Alarm 5 Probe Fail.

Motor wires are crossed in the harness. Contact support.

edit - I’m assuming this is a new setup. If it was working before, there may be a configuration issue. Have you updated the software recently? Check that you have the correct machine selected in the setup.

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The machine was working, before a month of being on a trip. The only change was me disassembling and putting it back together after moving it to a new table after that month. All the connectors are in the right place i checked 3 times, its hard to mess that up on a S5.

I updated carbide create to the newest build. That only fixed my previous issue i had with the Y2 sensor registering in carbide create.

I’ve recently just tried to re configurate the machine, and the correct one was chosen. When i initialized I received a GRBL 9 code. There was no movement from the CNC.

Update: Received my new controller and wire harness to fix my S5 issue. It now initializes and my Z axis can now move.
However, I receive a Alarm 8 now when I initialize the machine. One thing I noticed when it moves to the rear, the right side hits my limit switch before the left side every time.

And when it does back off the sensor to move to the bit setter, it will grind and stall in the back.

Contact us at support and send photos showing how the gantry is aligned relative to the front plates, and to the Y-axis homing switches.

Got it fixed. I switched stepper motors and sensors to figure out if those were the issues. Problem still happened on the right side with it not backing off the sensor.

Tightened some bolts on the rail. Now it’s working

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