Not new machine: X axis is sticking

I’ve been using my machine for about a year or so, and it was working fine until a few days ago. With the machine off I couldn’t move the carriage in X (either way). I turned it back on, and it homed just fine. Didn’t think to much about it, but today it started doing a weird jittering thing when I home it. It moves just fine when I jog it left and right, but going left it sounds like it’s working hard. Sounds normal when going right.

I made a video, I’ll try to post it.

Send the video into support and we’ll get it figured out for you.

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Hi Rob. I sent a video, but I suspect you all are as hobbled by the COVID-19 crisis as everyone else. I’d like to put a call out to anyone else in the community that has had a similar problem. Aside from taking it apart, I have no idea how to proceed. I call it my machine, but it’s actually my sister’s. She is gracious enough to let me use it when she’s working on something else, but I would definitely fall out her good graces if I were to take it apart without knowing what I’m doing.

Here’s a fuller description of my problem: When it’s off, the carriage is really hard to move either direction in X; when it’s on, the machine sounds labored when moving in X minus, but is much better in X plus. It is also doing a jittery thing when I home it. Hard to describe but…

Normal homing: (1) Up to Zmax, then down a bit; (2) back to Ymax, then forward a bit; (3) Right to Xmax, then left a bit.

My current situation: (1) and (2) as expected, but (3) goes to Xmax two or three times, then left a bit.

It thinks it’s homed, but I am not so sure, and I really don’t want to mess up my current project to find out. Also if I continue using it, the motors might burn out, and I would be in real trouble.

I hope everyone out there is safe and healthy.

The X-axis sounds different than the Y because 1 motor vs. 2.

Usually it’s easier to move though, so check the eccentric nut adjustment of the V wheels:

Thank you for responding. That video is very nicely done. Easy to understand and follow.

The problem isn’t that it sounds different, rather that it sounds wrong. Specifically, it “bounces” (for lack of a better word) when it gets to XMax. Also, it started happening suddenly. Pushing the carriage around when the CNC is off should be pretty easy in any direction, right? Nevertheless, I checked the eccentrics, and they are adjusted correctly on all axes (they’re not binding). One of the V-wheels was a little lose, so I tightened it up a bit.

I just now I was able to push the carriage from one end of the X rail to the other (it required some muscle), and it made a loud clicking sound in a couple of places (near X min and a little more than halfway to Xmax). I can’t pin down where it’s coming from. I also don’t want to do any damage by pushing it too hard. I’d be in deep trouble for that.

Edited to add: I described the homing process incorrectly, but the general idea still applies.
(1) Zmax, then down, (2) X and Y move toward their max together (3) once at Xmax and Ymax they ease off together. Mine is adding a couple or three extra “bounces” at the end.

Any other ideas?

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