Not really CNC related, but awesome

I found this on YouTube and thought you may appreciate it…

A simple turntable


Great craftmanship…inspiring as always.
I had no idea a turntable could cost $13000.

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Erm, it’s £13,000 sterling (a little over €15,100 or $18, 250!)

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I just want something to play my Showaddywaddy records :rofl:

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Bloody hell, for £13 you could buy the CD!

Wow! As much work that went into that is… WOW!
Thanks for sharing.

Last week I had a guy come up to me trying to sell me pornographic albums. I had to tell him I didn’t have a pornograph to play them. :rofl: :crazy_face: :blush:


At risk of encouraging your posting, I clicked the :heart: button. :smiley:


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