Not returning to front center for tool change

I have had my bitsetter for a week and I updated Carbide Create to the lastest version and now my tools do not show in the NC file. Also in the middle of a file while running instead for the router coming to the front to do a tool change it just retracts up and stays there. I have to disable the paths that I have already ran and start over with the bitsetter and continue where I lefted off. Have I done something wrong or is this normal?

No, this is not normal. After you installed the BitSetter did you open Carbide Motion and configure it to work with the BitSetter? Even if you did, I would try doing it again.


In CC, can you go to Edit, Select Post Processor, and make sure “Carbide3d Shapeoko” is selected ?


It was on basic g code. I put it on carbide 3d shapeoko will that fix the problem

That fixed my problem thanks so much


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