Novel sources for materials?

I have a project where I could use a small piece of fairly thin/flat PETG this weekend, and don’t have any on-hand. I could order some from McMaster next week but this got me to wondering if any of you run into stuff like this, and have found items you can purchase in stores and “re-machine.”

For example, I’ve found the little cutting boards from the dollar store ($1) handy for a variety of projects, just won’t work for this.

I’ve also heard of people using Ikea cutting boards, etc.

ANYWAY, anyone care to share sources for materials?

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Whoops. Looked it up in Amazon and please disregard my last.

I’ve bought cutting boards from a local restaurant supply store and from Target.

I pick up pallets from time-to-time, and also discarded furniture if it’s solid wood.

Tried to collect possible vendors at:

I’m sure you can find a few stores who sells acrylic sheets. Homedepot does have about 15 different sizes/thikness.

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Definitely Ikea. I have bought literally dozens of bamboo and HDPE cutting boards there.
My other source is low-end home decoration stores.


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