Oak, PVC, and Plywood Clamp and Bottle Rack

The finished project, partially loaded until I actually hang it in the shop :slight_smile:

It feels like I started this project a few years ago when I got my SO3 XXL - I designed a version of the clamping portion but got frustrated with Fusion 360 due to a confusion over the various Z heights (kept ruining my stock). Forgot about the project until retiring a workbench earlier this year that also served as my clamp rack.

The clamp shelves were cut from 3/4" plywood that I snagged March last year. Here are the dimensions that worked well for my Bessey and Harbor Freight clamps, repeated every 1.25". Drawing is in freedom units. The chamfer lead-in is not necessary, but I thought it would be an improvement on the straight cut version I made before.

This was the completed rack until I realized I could integrate a wood finish bottle rack that I was waiting to build.

I also designed some side panels to match my shop decor and machined those from PVC. I’ve learned to use and trust part tabs more on recent jobs as I get a more consistent and less anxious cut than with double sided tape alone. On this job I used a combination of holding techniques.

Final design is 36"x25" wide and holds 6/12/24/36" clamps for easy retrieval. Now I just need to actually vinyl label my finish bottles…another day!


After trying a few other programs I used Carbide Create to trace my label images and create the SVG used for vinyl cutting. Inkscape is a little less elegant, and Silhouette Studio was tedious to create inner and outer traces at the same time. I did turn off the “convert to curves” to get nice straight lines. I also decided to use the woodshop variant of my logo since it has fewer small details to go wrong (and the product its on is very shop focused). 4 down, 4 to go!



Did you end up cutting the vinyl on your SO?

No I used a silhouette cameo. I haven’t used a drag knife with the Shapeoko before.

One Amana Upcut with a Twist


Oh ok gotcha. How would you rate the Silhouette Cameo?

It’s been reliable, I quite like it. Software is decent and desktop based (offline) which is what pushed me that direction over Cricut. You can also cut without a mat which saves setup time. I mostly cut vinyl and sticker paper, but it can do leather and other materials.

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