Object to object snap in Carbide Create, is it possible?

Alright so I am fairly new to this. 3 months ago I didn’t know anything about desktop CNC routers. I didn’t even know they exist in such a form. I will explain how i came into my Shapeoko in 3 months ago in another post.

OK to the point, I use Autodesk products frequently but Fusion 360 is so cumbersome in terms of the detail and I am not ready for that yet. In Carbide create I often want to replace symmetrical geometry like a circle, but there seems to be no way to snap to the center of the circle? Am I missing something or is that not possible? How else can we perform a center or quadrant snap object snap? I appreciate your help!

Hi Anthony,

You can align objects to other objects in CC by selecting both objects (in the right order) and then using the align tool to snap the most recent selection to the prior selection.

My personal recommendation, however, is that you try a dedicated SVG editor like Inkscape to generate an SVG of your paths, then import it into CC and then only make very minor adjustments within CC. CC is great and I’m grateful for its existence, but it has to do many things and its richness with respects to vector editing has yet to catch up to programs that only do vector editing.

GERRY! I can’t tell you how helpful this was to learn as i have been screwing with it for days. I spent a lot of time creating new geometry to find the center lines and aligning them etc.

Never noticed the align to geometry option in the alignment window, just the align to stock. That is Awesome!
thank you sir
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Carbide Create should snap to nodes on objects and midpoints — if you need some other sort of snapping which the grid won’t enable the work-around is to draw in geometry temporarily.

I am familiar with the snap nodes but they are not what I am used to. Circles in CC are like segmented polylines in CAD there are nodes and midpoints. Nodes are the ends of the lines and midpoints are the midpoints of the lines that generate the circle. This is the best way for me to describe it.

In CAD you can snap to midpoints, centerpoints, circle quadrants etc. and you can move and copy based on relative object snap points. Geometry in CAD only has nodes at the osnap or object snap points.

So making anything that was based on geometry was difficult before where could not find the centroid but it doesn’t really matter now that i am aware of the center or geometry option under the alignment tool.

Thanks for the input - greatly appreciated.

Circles drawn in Carbide Create are Bézier curve approximations with 4 on-curve points and 4 off-curve points:

(You should be able to snap to the on-curve points)

And CC will drag an object by its center:

Now I have learned 2 things about CC from my one question. I didnt realize that nodes and their points show up when you select the node button. Should have checked that. With that you can really make some cool looking stuff playing with the levers tangent to the cardinal points.

That’s pretty cool man! So I think my struggle is coming from my familiarity with Adobe/Autodesk software.
I did look at fusion but even knowing Adesk software. I like what i got goin on with Carbide Create and I really appreciate the recent updates.

The advanced V Carve is so great although takes quite a long time to render when simulating regardless of the complexity.

Anyhow- Thanks again. Its great to learn more about the software.
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