Observations so far

Observations: The PDF assembly instructions are quite good. Not quite on the level of SawStop, but certainly not a English translation of Mandarin by a guy in New Delhi. The order of assembly is well done and the hardware packaged with the parts using it is appreciated. I rate them B+.

What doesn’t please me is the holes in the X-Z plate that the head bracket for the router drag chain were 6mm clearance holes, not M5s. I ended up tapping the holed in the bracket and using 6mmx12 screws from the spare hardware bag.

My second problem is there was only 1 X-Y transition bracket which I used early on on the right side. There was no second bracket in with the router parts as expected. I assume the bracket on the left is a mirror image of the one installed on the right?

I guess I’ll have to wait for Monday morning to ask them to send the part.I had really planned on being up and running by then, Now, I’ll have to wait 2 or 3 more days making it Wednesday or Thursday before I’ll be making chips.

Please write in to support@carbide3d.com (I don’t see a ticket under your name) and let us know about these difficulties.

Correct, the second bracket is a mirror image — we’ve had folks either omit the one for the router power cord or use a shelf bracket temporarily.

I could rig something up, but I want it right. I figured I’d call tomorrow, but I guess sending an email today is a good idea. I’ll copy and past this and include contact info. Does someone actually answer email on Sunday? If so, I’m impressed.

Yes, we understand that many folks can only use their machines evenings, weekends, and holidays, so we do our best to staff the support queue during these times.

Can you open a service request on a Sunday? I did send an email

Yes, we answered your query as quickly as we could and have passed it over to the folks who handle shipping — it will go out as quickly as we can manage.

I’ve gotten a reply. I’m very impressed with your customer service

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