OctoC3D & OctoC3D Remote

I’m sure many of you are familiar with OctoPrint. I’m working with a colleague of mine on modifying OctoPrint to control the Shapeoko via the Raspberry Pi. We’re calling it OctoC3D. We’re also working on the OctoRemote to be able to use your smartphone to watch & control your Shapeoko from anywhere as if you are on the Pi. I’m sure Mr. Julien will be so excited to work on & watch his Shapeoko while having a cup of coffee at Starbucks.


This sounds awesome!

Are you planning on open sourcing it / have it up on Github yet? Would love to follow along and possibly contribute once I get my Shapeoko Pro.

Yes, It has to be. The main code is open source, and we’re using most of it. It will be up on github very soon.


Kinda like CNCjs?
Or this?
Or this?

@ispot Will it just be a monitoring interface, or will it be a full featured grbl sender?


This is OctoPrint., and this is grbl for OctoPrint

OctoPrint is a web interface to have total control over your 3d printer wirelessly. We’re working to tweak the interface to make it more usable for CNC’s. You don’t have heated beds on CNC’s, you don’t have hotends on CNC’s. We’re adding spindle control, vacume control, mist or air cooling control. There is already a plugin to turn your machine on, emergency stop. There is already a timelabse function for your cam.


How does this differ from this plugin? Maybe you can team up with the developer?

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There is a difference between this grbl plugin and the one you listed.

Completely differ from the so-called better grbl plugin. If you read the bettergrbl documents, you will see it rewrites all global configurations for octoprint. our approach is different. We’re using the octoprint builtin control tab which does what it suppose to do, and not as that plugin claims that it provides better grbl support.

I recommend not to try this better grbl support plugin as it will kill your octoprint installation.

I know, that’s why I mentioned it.

But how will the features differ?

Have you considered updating the other plugin to not make global configuration changes? It adds a ton of features and I can’t imagine it’s easier for you to reimplement them than to fix the existing plugin.

I’d just set up a second OctoPrint installation. There’s a good chance I’d want to use the 3D printer at the same time as the mill anyway.

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It has to be done using 2 raspberry pi’s because we’re making octoC3D listen to your shapeoko controller instead of marlin, getting rid of the temp. tab, modifying the control tab, adding a spindle control tab, adding a bit cooling control tab, and a vacuum control tab. The timelapse will be there, and we are using the enclosure plugin to implement this for your shapeoko.

They can just be installed and running on the same Pi.

That sounds like you’re modifying OctoPrint itself. If that’s the case, what’s the difference between your modification and OctoPrint with the Better GRBL plugin installed?

Or are you making a plug-in that somehow does all this?

No, we tried it and it did not work. It’s not like running multi OctoPrints on same Pi.

When it fails, how does it fail?

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