Octoprint and GRBL PLugin

Does anyone use octoprint with the GRBL plugin? Whats your experinece with it?

Background: I have my nomad in my computer lab. The main reason I bought it was becasue my xcarve was way too loud. The nomad is in an enclosure and very quiet I have a webcam so I was thinking of setting it up so I can monitor from my laptop screen while enclosure is closed since it doesnt have a window.

Thoughts and experiences welcome.

I have not used the grbl plugin with Octoprint, but I have used the v1pi image that uses CNCjs.
It really makes it super easy to get set up and running remotely.


Another +1 for cncjs. I’ve been using it since moving to Linux as my main CNC control computer and it’s been great. @neilferreri has provided the community with some exceptional macros to use the Nomad’s built-in tool length probe the same way that Carbide Motion does. However, I don’t think cncjs has built-in webcam support.

There seems to be some very basic instructions on the cncjs wiki for how to set up a webcam stream outside of cncjs (but on the same machine), which might help you out. If that doesn’t end up working for you, I’m very curious to hear how you get on with Octoprint.

Thanks for the suggestions. I did fireup a pi that already had ocotprint and installed the grbl plugin to see how it went since Im very familiar with octoprint. Im including a screen shot. Seem to work as a webcam so I can see whats happening. I think I can just upload gcode but not sure how to export gcode from carbide create. Also wondering if I can use a usb hub t connect the noamd to both the pi and my laptop. Will have to test next week.


To export G-Code from Carbide Create please see:

I’m subscribed! I have a nomad and just got a creality CR-10 pro max 3D printer. I’ve heard about octoprint and too wanted to know if I could monitor jobs on both.

For me I design and do g code within fusion. Then load the file into carbide motion.

What become of your experiment? I have been using OctoPrint for my 3D printer for a while and am used to it. Did it work to control the Shapeoko?


I only got as far as remote monitoring since I have an enclosure to keep it quiet. Its at school so I dont have access.

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