Odd corners on my sign's font

Can anyone tell me what is causing the funky corners on many of my letters? This is using Arial Bold, about 2.8" tall. Drawn in Carbide Create and cut with Carbide Motion on a Shapeoko 3 with a #302 60 degree Vee bit. In a Z all lines should be straight.

The simulation is not very clear and may be showing the issue. But the design window shows nice straight edges.

Is this issue caused by Carbide Create or Carbide Motion? I’ve recut these several times, there is no slippage. Each time, even if the bit is above the wood, I can see the bit zig as it approaches the corners. Does this happen with other fonts?

The problem is you’re using a V bit which is too acute for the width of the font which you are cutting since Carbide Create isn’t able to adjust for being unable to go any deeper than the endmills greatest diameter allows.

Inset the letterform by the diameter of the endmill, then assign the V carve to the combined paths. Optionally also inset by half the diameter of the endmill and cut that as a pocket at the depth which the endmill can cut to.

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Will, I am sorry to say I am confused by your answer. In the design it’s showing the arms of the letter to be slightly less than 0.5". So when I do an inset (an offset to the inside which I assume to be what you are calling an inset) of 0.5" (the diameter of the tool) nothing is shown and I don’t see how I can tell Create to use the combined paths.

I tried then to use 1/2 the diameter as you suggested and told Create to use both paths. When I cut it an island is left and the horizontal parts have areas with a reduced width.

Any suggestions?

Here’s what it looks like to start:

If we then inset by the 0.25" diameter we can select the inset geometry and the original geometry and reassign the V carve to get:

we can then inset by half the distance and machine a pocket to get:

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