Odd shaped starting stock

I’m still trying to get the hang of everything, but having a good time with my Pro. Everything I’ve cut thus far started as square stock, but I’d like to know how to set everything up to cut on stock of odd shapes. I’m specifically looking to cut on a disc of live-edge basswood.
I tried searching for the solution to this, but couldn’t find it, perhaps i missed it. I appreciate any help and advice.

This is how I would do it…

  • Measure max width and height dimensions, make your Carbide Create stock that square.
  • Snap a photo and use “Set Background” feature, but DON’T CLICK THE DONE BUTTON.
  • Play with “Scale” setting until it looks right size, and mouse click and drag to move the picture.
  • Once it looks right click the Done button.

It won’t be an object, but at least now you have a visual guide.


Some things are easier to set the center as origin. On an irregular piece pick the approximate center and mark it. In CC try to approximate the same spot. You could draw a circle and contain your design inside the circle. Draw your circle and use alignment tool to center object. Then draw circle in irregular object and use compass center as your x and y center. You could also use a rectangle or square and or nt the object and lay it on irregular object and trace lightly on itregular object and find center and set x and y zero there.

If irregular object is not too large scan it as a gif/jpg and use that in Inkscape to make an svg. Then make circle/square/rectangle ond make your design inside object.

is the set background a pro-only feature? I have not seen that option anywhere on the free version of CC

Set background is part of the free versions of Carbide Create.

Not sure what version you are using but you should see three icons near the upper left corner.

Hover over each icon with your mouse for a few seconds and they will display as
Job Setup, Set Grid and Set Background

Click on the Background icon.


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well this is embarrassing…


I looked in every possible menu for that option just for it to be sitting right in front of my face…


Nothing to be embarrassed about.

I was glad to have an opportunity to answer a question. I do simple things with my Shapeoko and seldom can contribute to this forum.


Glad you asked this question cause I needed the answer as well thank you

I appreciate the responses and suggestions. I forgot to mention previously, I always use the bitzero v2 to set the zero and probe. Approximating the center of the stock and using that would be sufficient it seems.

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