Off-the-hook on DIY 4th axis writeup

Been working on this off-and-on, and kept promising I’d have something to post — fortunately, someone else got further than I did:

so, I can work on the folding bookshelf w/ a clear conscience.


But you’ll need some cool spiral columns and nick nacks to put on your book shelf also… Thanks Will, have looked at this one also but haven’t taken the time to watch it in depth:
Dave Gatton , this may be my Christmas present to me. Happy New Year Will. Consider your promise “fulfilled”, well kinda, mostly fulfi…or I’ll give ya an “intended fulfilled”. Just ribbing ya, You do so much for the community and I think you must have a sense of humor in there somewhere. There are actually books on humor (for your book shelf)…you’ll have to build 2 folding book shelves or to show how it folds you’ll have too empty all the books off it first. Hows about a book shelf of clear plastic so the books hang in mid air by “MAGnetism”…, or inbedding a magnet strip into the binder so they will stick to the refrigerator like and just hang on the wall…ok read ya later. Jude
ps, this bob’s cnc 4th axis is terrific, just let it walk on the bottom, thanks Will, easier to implement too, (FULFILLED), Good luck with your book shelf.

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Saw this late last night: It’s pretty awesome!


That is awesome. The math on that must be fun.