Official dust shoe

Please add an official dust shoe to your accessories list for the 883. would be nice to have one which came with a simple festool or shop vac with hepa filter compatible hose adapter we could just plug in from the outside of the case.
Dont mind paying a hundred bux to have a properly fitted dust shoe with hose on my nomad even if it involves drilling a hole in the side of the case to mount it as long as it came with all parts as a kit or maybe an add on option for new nomad 883 pros.


+1 on this suggestion!

+1. That said, there are plans available to machine your own. It’s not particularly difficult.

An official one would help make the health issues associated with friable (“easily crumbled”) materials (e.g. wood, Garolite, FR4, carbon composite, fiberglass) easily controlled.

I like the idea of a kit.

@FlatBaller has posted pictures and STLs for a dust head.

@patofoto and I will be posting plans, parts (and where to order them) and a machining and installation guide for a dust head soon.


I’m still out of the country working. I’m really sorry that haven’t had time to make the dust head available sooner. I know it’s of great importance for many to have this taken care of soon. I have to have the disclaimer that I own the Nomad Classic and that my design is just for this Nomad. The Nomad Pro’s design changed enough around the spindle to make my design useless for the Pro. Flying back home next week. Promise to start working on the tutorial soon after.

I’m working on the Nomad 883 Pro Dust head design. I hope to finish the design and design review this weekend and start machining the first prototype.


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Hi Mark, I am trying to revive this important topic. Any more news please?


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Hi everyone! My name is Matt. I bought a Nomad 883 Pro last week and just began making my first couple of things today. It’s been a ton of fun! Starting with simple coaster holder. But it’s awesome.

+1 to this thread, I would love and purchase a dust shoe immediately. I’ve seen the other threads about custom ones and am looking into procuring materials for that right now, but it would be nice to have a first-party one out of the box!

Has this gone anywhere? Does anyone have anything I could purchase that they know of? I know there are plans, I’m just not good enough at CNC to make them yet (I’m about 12 hours in, ha!)


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