Official Screw driven Z-Axis

Official option for a screw driven Z-Axis. This will make it easier to mill metal and to use heavier routers / spindles


Plus one. I’m considering upgrading my machine to the CNC4NEWBES Z Axis Slide.

@andyv117 Have you seen my design and pre orders?

Certainly have. I like it a lot, but It would take a 4 axis cnc to make. I even have a design of my own that can be made on a 3 axis so people could make their own, but its not as solid as yours. What I’d love to see is the shapeoko folks offer an upgrade of their own that means we don’t have to break away from the carbide3d roadmap.

All my designs are done using 3 axis machining :smiley:

They’ve just gone into production

love to hear more about that? are you making a jig and turning parts over?

Every part was designed to be made on a shapeoko. Most parts needed 2 sided milling, originally I had planned on machining and milling each part myself. That’s what I did for Rev 1, and rev 2, and when I built my other CNC.

However I had enough pre-orders to use a machine shop for the first batch.

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