Offset Path Issue with rounded corners

I am having an issue in Build 462 with offset path giving me rounded corners . inside or out side . can i change that ?

Working in 464:

Please try the beta:

If you still have problems let us know at and send the file (or post it here)

On the Offset Path you can go smaller with sharp edges but you cant go bigger and get sharp edges. I think you should have a choice if you wanted sharp edges or rounded edges . I downloaded the newest beta version and it does the same thing. Can we get a choice to have rounded corners or sharp edges ?

Iā€™m afraid this was a conscious design decision ā€” when going larger the assumption is that one would want to mimic the path/cutting ability of an endmill, hence the rounding ā€” if you need sharp corners when offsetting export to an SVG, apply the offset in a 3rd party tool such as Inkscape, then reimport.

Thank you for your reply. However I think that the conscious design decision is a failure. You are Assuming that some one would want rounded corners in the project . What your asking me to do is use another piece of software, 3rd party tool such as Inkscape, then reimport . Rather than make it an option or to admit a design flaw in the software . Just my opinion to make the software better.

Thank you

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