Offset probleme - Shapeoko 3

Hi everybody,

I am machining a knife handle on two sides on my Shapeoko 3 XXL.
I have to do a reversal of the handle.
I have modeled the part and the machining part under fusion 360.

I encounter a problem that I can’t solve.

When I turn the piece I have a shift that appears on one of the two parts.

I keep the same origin, I have an imprint in my support plate which makes that when I turn my part it is lodged in it.
Everything is modeled under fusion (support plate, imprint, raw, wood block…)

Do you have any clues ? I admit I’m a little bit lost…

Could it be a problem with the machine? or with the firmware? if we rule out the modeling (which I checked 15 times)? maybe the belts are not tight enough?

Thanks for your help,

Good evening,


How are you doing the flip? Where is the origin for each side? Is it necessary to re-zero?

Thank you for your answer @WillAdams ,

I only do my zero once before I flip the coin.
My zero is at the bottom left of the piece. I do a 180 degree turn of the piece into a cavity.

In your design and modeling do you account for doelubke side machining. I have tried double siding with carbide create (non pro) with little to no success. However when I utilize Aspire and select how I am flipping i have had great success. I too only zero once with this method, i dont know if this helps or not but do know that whether I tell the program i am double sided machining or not does matter.

@TonyMurray Hi Tony, ty for your answer.

I don’t think there is an option in fusion on double-sided machining. At least I have never seen it.
I’ll take a closer look and hope to find something. :pray:

Hi everyone,

No one has an idea ? :pray: :slight_smile:

See if there is any helpful information in:

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