Oh No! The Smoke!

So newer machine, within 1 month so still very much learning.

Was attempting to make a catch all tray for myself this evening from a scrap piece of Wenge I had around the shop and was using my brand new 1-1/8" bowl bit. Speeds and feeds calculated as what came up in Carbide Create so not sure if those parameters are off at all but they are as follows:

Cutting Parameters
Stepover - 0.563
Depth per pass - 0.050

Speeds & Feeds (per minute)
Plunge Rate - 8.0
Feed Rate - 10.0
RPM 10000

Well… Everything was going great until my machine protested and on the 3rd bowl segment decided to smoke the router. What a mess and horrid smell! Purchased the Carbide 3D router offered on their website when I bought the machine.

I am currently in the process of contacting support but not likely to hear back for a day or so. Just looking for some guidance on things both in terms of the warranty process as well as the router bit. Was the diameter of the router bit too large for the router itself? I have seen a few videos on Youtube that have used large diameter bits like this so figured it would be ok.


Carbide Create doesn’t calculate feeds and speeds in current versions — it has defaults which I believe are intended to be so slow as to cause one to research correct ones.

Contact us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll handle the router under our 30-day warranty.


Wonderful! Thanks for the tip on the feeds. I’ll get an email off to them now. Thank you!

Wenge is hard and stringy. A .5 inch stepover may be too much for a 1.25 hp router. I would drop stepover to .25 percent of bit diameter. Your feed rates otherwise seem conservative. Wenge is pretty but can give you lots of splinters in the finger. Wenge is a tropical hw so be sure you have good dust extraction, breathing protection, and clean your clothes and skin before entering your living quarters and make the family sick or alergic from your contamination.


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