Oils, Stains, Tools and must Haves

Prime Deals on at amazon and im looking to spend some money on some supllies of all kinds. I would love to know what are some things that the community would recommend as the things you cant go without. Or things that ‘if on sale id buy that to try’.

1- Stains and Oils (really want suggestions)
1.1- Aplicators for Stain and Oils.
2- Endmills
3- Sanding and japanese saws etc
4- lighting for projects (battery powered or 115V)
5- Hand Tools or Power Tools
6- Random CNC stuff
7- Enclosure additions
8- Anything else :slight_smile:

(Deals end today fyi)

Thanks for sharing; excited to read what people suggest

Stay safe

A good quality deburring tool set if you work with metal or plastic.

A good set of files (though I worry what I will do once I’ve worked through my N.O.S. Made in USA Nicholsons and various other brands I’ve been hoarding from the local hardware stores (long since cleaned out of anything but new production) and shops such Harry Epstein).

Better quality wrenches for tool changes.

Good quality T-handled hex wrenches

A ratcheting tool for driving hardware on the machine — one of my favourite ever tools is:

(I have a Kickstarter version and keep getting tempted to update)

If you don’t have one, a centering rule (and center finder for round stock) are nice if you ever need to set origin at the center.

If you don’t have a comfortable set of safety glasses, it’s not a bad idea to try a couple of brands (and keep trying until you find something you like)






I recently got a pair of prescription bifocal safety glasses that is tuned for close and closer. Not so good for looking across the garage but for the CNC and up close work I love them.

In addition to what @WillAdams said:
Xacto knife set
Dremel like tool with attachments
Battery powered random orbit sander if you don’t have one.
More clamps CNC and otherwise. You can never have too many clamps.


As @CullenS said, you can never have too many clamps. Clamps for CNC, for gluing…

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