Ok Crew New Question

I was looking to drill out a grid on my base so I can install T-nuts to screw in mounts later on. I thought I would be able to layout the grid in carbide create, but I can’t find any method to just make a hole the size of the bit. And I found that it will only permit me to set a stock size of 16" x 16" Even though I am pretty sure I have 30" to play with my machine. Shapeoko XXL. Any thoughts?. I was wanting a grid of holes evenly spaced 2" apart.

Carbide Create doesn’t have a drill operation.

I did the layout for my grid in Macromedia Freehand, then did the CAM using MakerCAM.

I believe if you update to the latest Carbide Create it will then afford the option to update the settings for the XL and XXL bed sizes.

The DeWalt router is way too fast to use a drill bit effectively. Minimum speed for the router is about 15k rpms. Drill bits need to run about 5-7K rpm. I’d recommend you mill/cut the holes with the appropriate end mill or cutter to the diameter and depth you want using a pocket cut. This worked great for me on my first project.

I use fusion 360; peck drilling operation. I do large cribbage tables with .25" holes at .5" depth in 4 pecks per hole. I’ve done at least a dozen or more on the same bit so far.