On-press/click vs. on-hold jogging behavior

I’ve noticed with the jogging in CM that there’s a delay between when I push a button on the interface or when I press the key on the keyboard and when the machine moves, and that this delay is not completely consistent.

Also, when I let go of a key, the machine continues moving until it has finished it’s current increment of move, rather than immediately on key release. This can lead to over/under jogs and be rather finicky, because if I hold the key for too short of a duration the machine doesn’t move, but if I hold it too long, I may get a lot more jog than I want.

Therefore, I would propose from a software stand-point would be a “one move per press” implementation for the incremental jogging, so that no matter how long I hold/don’t hold a key or push the button on the UI, the machine goes one increment per click, so that I can count on not over/under jogging it in that mode.

For the continuous jogging, when I’m holding the key or mouse button on the UI, sometimes the jogging will stutter or pause, indicating to me some kind of communication/implementation delay between the CM interface and the GRBL controller. I don’t know what would be required to get those pauses out, and how to get it to stop immediately on button release, but that would be very helpful if it’s possible. I have noticed that I get more pauses/stutters when I’m using the on-screen UI with the mouse, because it seems more likely to stutter when the mouse moves at all (which happens when people move around to look at their machine while they’re jogging).

I have the Nomad attached to a USB 3.0 hub rather than directly to my PC, so I’m wondering if that might be a contributing factor, or if you guys have tested for that, so I’ll try a direct connection to see if it helps on the next job setup.


I rather like the Carbide Motion behaviour (but agree that it could be tuned a bit).

I’ve used single button keypress jog controls and it’s tedious.

I’m willing to accept a bit of imprecision in exchange for smoother, more fluid operation.

Best compromise — add a widget above the increments which allows one to drag an indicator — the fast side would have the current behaviour, the slow side would respond immediately to a single keypress, moving only one increment.

I have the Nomad connected directly to the PC, and get the “stuttering” or hesitating during continuous jog. It is roughly once a second. And I have noticed a little latency in the motion after I release the jog key.

I do like the current setup, with fast and slow continuous jog and then the 1mm, .1mm and .01mm increments.

My biggest problem with the CM jogging is that after going into the Zero Axes screen and back out, the keyboard jog keys don’t work any more and I need to click the onscreen virtual keys to move the other axes. Usually this will result in one increment per click, but sometimes two and sometimes none. But this is my first laptop and experience with a touchpad so it might be my clicking technique. I haven’t noticed any incremental move anomalies using the keyboard jog keys but I will keep an eye out for that.

I’m experiencing everything you said above. I know this topic is too old but i have to ask, these issues still exist? because i just bought the shapeoko 3 and i’m having these small “bugs”.

These problems seem to be limited to specific configurations.

Please contact support@carbide3d.com