One Hour Projects - a learning idea

What can I draw, tool-path and cut in One Hour on my ShapeOKO (safely). Here’s today’s results - a simple, multi-shot elastic band ‘pistol’.

It’s a really useful way to test the software skills acquired, how ‘automatic’ they have become, to force thinking about the cutting journey and how choice of tool paths affect it. It also makes you think of what is really important, what is ‘just because I can’ and what is irrelevant.

Drawn in VCarve Pro, my go-to software of choice, output to GCODE using an adapted version of @neilferreri’s Post-Processor, and cut on my ShapeOKO 3XL/HDZ/VFD. What the software is doesn’t really matter, the point is to understand how well you know it for a given task.

Plywood 8mm held with facing painter’s tape and glue, which ‘just about’ held the two small (muzzle shapes) pieces whilst they cut.

Had I not thought to use spare plywood in the layout to make hand-grips, the project would just about have fallen inside the hour… The basic design and tool paths were done in 15 mins, fiddling with the grips took another 10 or so and added to the cutting time.

Files in the attached ZIP - VCarve original, SVG and DXF exports of the vectors.
Step-Up Elastic Band (572.6 KB)


Pic of finished toy?