One line fonts for Aspire

I’m working on some signs and want some single line fonts. This way the bit just follows one line like a pen would and the shape of the text is the shape of the bit. I bought one called “white linen” but it did not work, each letter added a line from the start of the letter to the end, so it looks terrible. then I found this site (Inline Text Generator) which works really well, but only has a few optons.

Does anyone have any suggestions for fonts?

These are some of the single line fonts/resources that come up here from time to time.


I downloaded from the site Lester cited above today. I wanted a simple text for vcarving. I got Zniko-SVCinOT. It was free. When you install fonts be sure to install for all users. Right click on font and that is an option. Here is an example. The font was .75" tall and the spacing was 110. I think I should have made the spacing a little further apart. The spacing and the text on a circle were added in some of t he last versions of cc v6.

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