One motor not working correctly?

I’ve been using my machine for about a week now. I did a few cuts without issue. But today, my machine wont initialize. It says it’s experiencing a homing error. It’s jumping, creaking, and the ballscrews aren’t even when it attempts to go to one end of the machine on the Y axis. I have double checked the machine to make sure it didn’t come out of square - it did not. As you can see in the video, the right side of the machine starts to move a few seconds before the left does.

Here’s a video. Any suggestions? Sending support an email too. They are probably getting sick of hearing from me.

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A little Sunday Funday DIY, supports going to be happy I could finally fix something by myself. We’re learning, folks!

Anyone experiencing homing issues should check the screw that tensions the stepper motor to the ballscrews. Here’s what I did to fix it:

Powered down, unplugged the stepper motor. Took motor off to look at why it wasn’t spinning as fast. Notice that there was all kinds of scratches where the ballscrew mates to the stepper motor. Made sure to tighten it down snug on reassembly. Powered back on, problem solved.

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