One-Person XXL Handling

Has anyone here come up with a good, effective method for one person to “handle” moving an XXL from place to place? I have no permanent location for it, and little help to do the heavy lifting.

Put it on a suitable wheeled base?

A popular one is a pair of suitable mobile workbenches / storage cabinets bolted together.

Has anyone ever created some sort of hinged arrangement where the XXL folds down to a vertical position to be able to store in a garage with (shudder) cars? If I were to do this, would I risk knocking something out of line on the XXL?

Whole story is that I have not purchased yet, but I am going to get something within the next week. I need the size of the XXL, and I like what I read more than the X-Carve of similar size, but the weight it a real factor for me.

Yes, folks have done that sort of thing — you just need to secure the gantry and carriage so that they don’t move while transitioning.

You could build a table that pivots near the center of gravity as opposed to one edge of the machine.

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That’s a thought. Has anyone here or that you know of done that before and can share?

My issue was a little different but similar. I didn’t have much floor space left in my garage.
So I purchased a work bench frame from a company called Stackon. It has adjustable width and height. I set the height and width so i could slide it over my table saw then added a 2 x 4 under each leg and mounted a set of appliance rollers to the bottom of each leg. It works great, i can use the CNC where it is and just roll it out when i want to use the table saw





I believe this is the frame i bought

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I added two additional angle braces in the back like the ones in the front just for extra stability. This bench doesn’t have a horizontal cross brace like most so i can slide to over my table saw easily

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